09 February 2010

Op-Ed: Saving Our Children???

With most tragedies in the African world, of course it does not come to a shock for many of us when people other than ourselves get involved, especially in the case of Caucasians adopting children from third world countries. This has been the case for many countries and now it is especially the case for Haiti. I have so many issues with this I really do not know where to begin, so I will proceed with a list of arguments:

Most supporters of international adoption will argue that a child may have a better life in a developed country, away from the civil wars, famine, and other devastations that have occurred in the child's homeland. For many, this is a way to save the downtrodden youth of the third world and supposedly give them a better life. So, as whites continue to believe that they are the dominant race, they then have this belief that they are the saving grace of 'little' poor people, but what they fail to realize is that after they have adopted these children, the country their child came from continues to be in turmoil. If one was to believe in the development of a nation and its people, or if one wanted world peace and prosperity for all, then why do they choose to take a child away from all that they know instead of just donating the money so that the child and his/her family can live in a more stable situation. In most instances, people give their children up for adoption, not because they want to, but beacause they cannot afford to. So this of course puts a person considering adoption in a position where they can (a) provide donations and assistance to the family, or (b) adopt the child and be on their marry way. In most cases, they choose (b).

Questions: IF IT'S NOT A RACE THING WHY DON'T I SEE ANY BLACK AND BROWN PEOPLE ADOPTING CHILDREN FROM RUSSIA? WHY DO WE ONLY SEE UPPER/MIDDLE CLASS WHITES AS SAVING GRACES?...This is a device to keep oppressed people in a situation where they are defenseless and seem sub-human.

With the adoption of a child that is not of your phenotype comes the dilemma of trying the tame the aspects of the child that are a part of their identity. Not saying that combing a child's hair is a major problem [now that you have online blogs to help], but what happens to these children as they get older and have no one that looks like them in their family? On a whole, the African world suffers from a deep identity crisis and it is no help to our cause for us to also have to deal with the fact that some of 'our' children were forced in that situation, nor does it help the child have a grasp of their true identity in this world. At the end of the day, what questions will this child ask as they get older? Will they not want to know about their birth parents and what they are doing? Will you tell them that their parents died from disease, civil war or from natural causes? Will you explain to them that you were their only saving grace.

The problem in the third world does not exist because people of color want it to be that way. In most, if not all cases, these people are suffering due to the actions of formal colonial [European] and imperialist nations. So now you have people from these vampire-like nations who are going to the same countries whose problems exist because of the West. Then you have these adopters [not adoptive parents] taking children to the lands of their oppressors, or former oppressors. Many of these African countries are ruled by those who are as dark as its people, but most of these rulers are backed by the same countries in which these adoptive parents live.


You see these poor children and mother, and you think to yourself "these Africans are so defenseless, they have so many children with no father around". Then African woman equals poor with children, then ultimately equals sadness.


In the news, when we see these pictures, most think "hey, they look so happy". Whiteness helping blackness then ultimately equals happiness...

Look at the picture of Madonna above... the great white hope, looking at these cute little poor children, wondering how they could be so poor, yet so beautiful...

by OmegaDivine

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