14 November 2010

African Fashion 101

Reggae Golden Age Conscious Fashion.

Jimmy Cliff [rockin' the Steve Biko Tee] and Peter Tosh [firm in his warrior attire]

Taken from Blogue US

11 November 2010


I am not the only one who has grown up to Buju Banton's music and I am not the only one who feels the impact of his resent confrontation with Babylon. Banton was granted bail on on Wednesday, December 10th and walked out of the Tampa, Bay jail that he has resided since December 2009. A jury of 12 members was unable to make a unanimous decision in September and he will be retried in February of 2012.

It is a pity that we have to see one of our own like this, but as Africans, we know that war is not an option and that battle is a constant reality.  There have been several 'Free Buju' campaigns created worldwide, and unlike some other artists who fall into legal trouble in the U.S. Buju has a sincere following, with artists like Spragga Benz taking donations for Banton's legal fees, and Stephen Marley, who put up his $300,000 house as collateral. Fashion has also assited in fundraising, with the very popular FREE BUJU t-shirts circulating.With that being said, I always appreciate African people coming together in the name of justice.

photo courtesy deadlydragonsounds
To purchase a FREE BUJU t-shirt CLICK HERE!

The Buju Defense Fund:
[Defense Fund For Buju Banton]
Markus & Markus, PLLC
40 NW Third Street
PH 1
Miami, FL 33128

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The Wickedest Time

08 November 2010

Kenyan Hip Hop: Real, Royal, and Revolutionary!

Music is universal, and for Africans, we use music as a form of communication to the rest of our brothers and sisters throughout the world. Kenyan Hip Hop is no different. Bringing Reggae and Hip Hop styles back to the origin, artists like Ukoo Flani Mau Mau and Nazizi have become international Blackstars with their music [spoken in a mixture of Kiswahili, local slang Sheng, and English]. You could easily believe that these videos were shot in totally different locations in the world, just change the language.

 What I find inspirational about these artists is also there strong sense of identity. Heavily influenced by the revolutionary history of Kenya, Pan-Africanism and Rastafari these artists are doing what many Africans worldwide are afraid to do, and that is continuing the legacy of our ancestors. Real, Royal,  and Revolutionary!


New Release by Nazizi!!!


African Urban Fashion Line created by Kenya's own Jeffery Kimathi

Visit the Jamhuri Wear Website for More!

A documentary by Michael Wanguhu about the influencial Hip Hop culture in Africa, specifically Kenya.

Learn more about the film Hip Hop Colony here!

02 November 2010

Only Rasta Can Liberate the People...

On November 2nd we celebrate the 80th anniversary of the coronation of 
H.I.M. Haile Selassie I and Empress H.I.H. Menen Asfaw.