09 December 2012

December Online Shopping Party!!!

Troddin' to JA in a few... but before I go, enjoy our massive DECEMBER ONLINE SHOPPING PARTY!

Starting tomorrow!!!

27 November 2012

Where art and fashion meet research.
- tribal immunity

Major Lazer Presents: Chronixx & Walshy Fire - Start a Fyah Mixtape

A refreshing sound from a young, talented artist. Look out for Chronixx, it's not everyday we hear such a vibrant voice bless the mic!!!

"Di only man wit pants pon waist. Nah follow nobody..."

Tribal Immunity Screen-Prints!

Our screen-printed tees are available for purchase on the skreened website. This enable Tribal Immunity to offer the original hand-drawn & digitally created designs that you love so much!

My screen-printed tees are extremely unique and celebrate the African experience! With shirts showing images of Kwame Nkrumah, Haile Selassie I, Lady Nanny, Patrice Lumumba, Eddie Mabo, and other freedom fighters these shirts are a rarity and should be worn with pride!

For custom work, feel free to contact us!

26 November 2012

Shopping Party + Clearance Sale

Come get your Royal Wear!
3311 Church Ave
between 34th/ New York Ave
Brooklyn, NY
Dec. 1st
3-7 pm

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Tribal Immunity Earrings!

Vibrant hand-painted wooden earrings!

Get Your Custom Coronation Dashiki Tees!


From Bricks to Kingston Collection

This collection represents the life and experiences of Tribal Immunity's designer Tamara Kae. As a child growing up in Newark, Tamara always had a love and respect for the arts infused with the love for her Jamaican heritage. The From Bricks to Kingston Collection pays homage to Newark, NJ (Brick City), Jamaica, and everywhere in-between.

Education: Count Rasta Count

Love this idea. Learn how to count the Rasta way!

Count Rasta Count, Beginning Writers Activity Book, is an informative activity book for youths aged 4-6. Within the pages of this activity book, youths practice counting and writing with images of His Imperial Majesty Haile Sellassie the First. Enjoy and as always, we encourage you to Think Black!

25 November 2012

Film: Rastafari Women Today

"War is distress and trouble of mankind, all world women are in different countries, different race, religion the act of violence and war victimized their husbands, brothers and children. War is a destruction of the family and can make people immigrant. So women are against war."
  [Taken from Empress Menen's Speech to the World Women Association, Sept. 13, 1928]

Rastafari Women Today: "The Anthology" is a collection of films documenting the journeys and experiences of Rastafari Women. Part one of the film focuses on stories shared by Rastafari Women, and features interviews with many respected mothers of Rastafari.

This is a preview of the production by Grassroots International Media. Copyright 2010. Not for sale. Rastafari Women Today "The Anthology" is a journey into the life of the Rastafari Woman. Part one focuses on preserving the stories of Rastafari Elder Women. Featuring interviews with Empress Baby-I, Nana Farika Berhane, Empress Makeda (Barbara Blake-Hannah), and Empress Ibie (from Queen Omega Rising film). This is still a work in progress. All of the images seen here will not be in the final cut. Credits at end. All Rights Reserved For more information email grassrootsintl@gmail.com

Similar Film:
Roots Daughters: The Women of Rastafari
Click here to Purchase from allthingsrasta.com

The Triple Crown Collection feat. Haile I-traits

Tribal Immunity's Triple Crown Collection represents the royalty of Africans at home and abroad. This collection exemplifies traditional African techniques and patterns, from Ghana to Ethiopia. Each piece is carefully hand-painted and much of the items in this collection use Red, Gold, and Green... royal colors for royal people!

 Featured in this collection is Haile I-traits, a collection of handmade badges, seals, and crests which celebrate H.I.M. Emperor Haile Selassie I and His legacy. Each I-trait has it own symbolic meaning and should be worn with pride!

One Shop, Two Sales! Shop Now!

The Coronation Collection

Available for purchase during Coronation Week, Tribal Immunity's Coronation Collection gives a new meaning to royal garments. This collection combined the traditional with contemporary. Carefully hand-painted, the pieces in this collection were first inspired by the Coronation Day of HIM Emperor Haile Selassie I and HIM Empress Menen Asfaw on 2nd November 1930. The creation in the collection also pay homage to His Majesty's various roles as statesman, Educator, and ruler. 

Pieces include the "Intellect" shirts, which replicate the cap and gown worn by Haile Selassie during the first graduation ceremony of Haile Selassie I University in 1962, as well as the Divine Star earrings, which replicate the Star of David designs that decorated His welcoming podium on his visit to Yugoslavia in 1966.

The true star of theis collection are the intricately hand-painted Coronation Dashiki T-shirts. These shirts were specifically designed in celebration of His and Her Majesties' Coronation Day. Reasonably priced, these pieces look great alone, with jeans, or under a blazer.