18 January 2010

Distant Relatives

Tribal Immunity Artists of the Week

by Omega Divine

An unofficial tracklisting of Nas and Damian Marley’s collaborative LP, Distant Relatives, has been revealed. The anticipated album is to feature artists including the 9th Wonder, K’naan, Stevie Wonder, Erykah Badu and more. There is no established release date yet, but the album is rumored to be a historical moment in music, especially since Marley and Nas are well known and respected artists throughout the Afrikan world. With such a very long list of historically influential Afrikan artists being featured on the album, I hope that this album does well and that its intended message of 'Tribal Immunity' sparks young Afrikan minds to unite for a greater cause...Well, we will hope :)

Track listing for Distant Relatives:
1. Intro (Something New) (prod. Damian Marley)
2. As We Enter (prod. Damian Marley)
3. Revolutionary (prod. Damian Marley)
4. Count Your Blessings (prod. Damian & Stephen Marley)
5. Belief is Key (prod. Damian Marley)
6. Africa Must Wake Up feat. K’naan (prod. Nas, Damian & Stephen Marley)
7. Black Horizon feat. K’naan (prod. Damian Marley)
8. Only the Strong (prod. Damian & Stephen Marley)
9. Our Generation feat. Joss Stone & Stevie Wonder (prod. Damian Marley)
10. Empowerment (prod. Stephen Marley)
11. AID (prod. K’naan & Nas)
12. Let’s End It (Poverty) feat. K’naan (prod. 9th Wonder & Damian Marley)
13. The Earth feat. Bob Marley (prod. Salaam Remix, Damian & Stephen Marley)
14. Black Man’s Paper feat. Erykah Badu (prod. Afry) [UK Bonus]
15. Weed On feat. Snoop Dogg (prod. Damian Marley) [iTunes Bonus]

Peace and Blessings.

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Anonymous said...

man, I haven't bought a CD in so long...shit not only am I gonna buy this CD... Imma go out and but an ole school disc-man so I can listen to it!