25 November 2012

Film: Rastafari Women Today

"War is distress and trouble of mankind, all world women are in different countries, different race, religion the act of violence and war victimized their husbands, brothers and children. War is a destruction of the family and can make people immigrant. So women are against war."
  [Taken from Empress Menen's Speech to the World Women Association, Sept. 13, 1928]

Rastafari Women Today: "The Anthology" is a collection of films documenting the journeys and experiences of Rastafari Women. Part one of the film focuses on stories shared by Rastafari Women, and features interviews with many respected mothers of Rastafari.

This is a preview of the production by Grassroots International Media. Copyright 2010. Not for sale. Rastafari Women Today "The Anthology" is a journey into the life of the Rastafari Woman. Part one focuses on preserving the stories of Rastafari Elder Women. Featuring interviews with Empress Baby-I, Nana Farika Berhane, Empress Makeda (Barbara Blake-Hannah), and Empress Ibie (from Queen Omega Rising film). This is still a work in progress. All of the images seen here will not be in the final cut. Credits at end. All Rights Reserved For more information email grassrootsintl@gmail.com

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ROOTS DAUGHTERS is a powerful and unique documentary stars Judy Mowatt and focuses on the Rastafari movement from the woman's point of view. Roots daughters not only traces the origings of Rastafari roots from Africa, but it also examines various groups of Rasta women from Jamaica, Guyana, South America and Canada and their diverse social, political and economic reality. The film focuses on the Rasta women's fight for equality in the male dominated culture. Ntahbinghi the central ritual of Rastafari, which includes drumming, chanting and reasoning is featured for the first time. Also critical Rastafari figures are profiled, including Emperor Haile Selassie(the spiritual leader of Rastafari), Marcus garvey(Jamaica's black freedom fighter), and musical prophet/reggare superstar Bob Marley, who helped spread the movement around the world throughhis music. Rastafari offers viewer rare opportunity to experience a modern living myth:Rastafari world, an organic and complex culture.

Black Int. Cinema Festival-INDIANA, GERMANY, NEW YORK -Nominated for the Best Film Award
Berlin Int. Film Fest- WORLD PREMIERE - Germany
Leeds Int. Film Festival-ENGLAND
Wine Country Film Festival- California
National Educationa Film Festival- California

Roots Daughters has been invited to a number of international conferences for screening
Third Int. Congress of Society for Caribbean Research-Amsterdam
Second Int. Congress of Society for Caribbean Research- Vienna
Forging Identitie-CALAC Int. Conference-Toronto
Ontario Institute for Studies & Education - Toronto
University of Calgary - Black History Month
African Festival &Presentation Society of Calgary
National Black Herstory Conference-Emory University -Atlanta
International Student Centre-University of Toronto

ROOTS DAUGHTERS has been also used as a educational tool in a number of prestigious universities throughout USA and Canada
To name a few: Smithsonian Institution Museum, UCLA, Cornell University, Duke University, Emory University, Berkley University, Yale University, Princeton University,Columbia University, Maryland University,Dr. Martin Luther King Library, University Of The West Indies,Douglas College,Florida Int. University, York University,Toronto, Indiana University ,OCCIDENTAL COLLEGE, Atlanta University, University of Toronto,

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