27 October 2010

Op-Ed: Keep the People Ignorant and Happy

Youth and the Media

My research usually focuses on the portrayal of African people on a global scale, and since Africans on the continent and the Diaspora are continuing to suffer economically, politically, spirtually, and socially we must realize this re-defined idea of "One Love" cannot be established until we understand the importance of "One Black Love". African people everywhere have suffered from identity issues that we are oftentimes afraid to admit, or are totally ignorant to. African women and men throughout the world are subconsciously reminded of their subordinate positions in society and in the height of what we like to call a "globalized world".Those of African descent who claim not to have these issues oftentimes belong to a higher social class, or have had little to no interaction with the "other" in their communities. We like to pretend that everything is okay, so we do not have to deal with the pain, but the pain will never go away, only take new formations [i.e. skin bleaching, hair relaxers, colored contacts, rhinoplasty, etc.].

The commercial uses strong sexuality in order to create ethnic and social tolerance among young people. Sexuality is often used as a catalyst for social change, and the change usually ends there with the result being multiracial children and no solid proof of social unification. It seems as though the youth of today are much more 'tolerant' of one another, but I would definitely argue that this new trend created by mainstream media forces people in the western world to believe that they have in some way healed themselves from the effects of hundreds of years of deliberate segregation and European male domination. This commercial for the DJHero 2 video game is no exception.

The artform of DJing was created by people of African descent and has been enjoyed by youth of various ethnicities, religions, and social classes worldwide. I always seem to find it interesting that African music, the music of oppression and redemption, is always the soundtrack to major social movements [good or bad]. Until the historical context of these aspects of media are understood, no true change can be accomplished.

25 October 2010

Omega Divine's Picks: Cinnamon and Ginger

Cinnamon and ginger go beyond being natural sweetners. Combined they have hundreds of medical benefits. I take pride in using natural medical treatments, so these three ingredients not only taste good, they are essential for daily health.


  • Great source of manganese, fiber, iron, and calcium.
  • Fights the E. coli bacteria in unpasteurized juices
  • Smelling cinnamon boosts cognitive function and memory
  • Relief in arthritis pain
  • Anti-clotting effect on the blood
  • Reduces the proliferation of leukemia and lymphoma cancer cells
  • Lowers blood sugar [especially beneficial fr people with Type 2 diabetes]
  • Lowers LDL cholesterol
  • Aids in digestion.
  • Helps to treat diarrhea
  • Helps cure the common cold
  • Treats toothaches
  • Eliminates bad breath.
  • Cures headaches and migraine pain


  • Can be used for Colon Cancer Prevention
  • Treats Morning Sickness
  • Remedies Motion Sickness
  • Reduces Pain and Inflammation
  • Heartburn Relief
  • Prevents and treats the Cold and Flu
  • Treats Migraines
  • Relieves Menstrual Cramp
  • Prevents of Diabetic Nephropathy [kidney damage]
  • Freshens breath
  • Relieves stress

The Cool Ruler: Gregory Isaacs

15 July 1951 – 25 October 2010

Today we celebrate [not mourn] the life of a reggae legend. Many of us were raised on his music and cherish the distinct vocals of Mr. Isaacs. Even with a lifetime of trials and tribulations, Gregory Isaacs is unmistakably one of the Kings of Reggae music. There is no better way to celebrate his life than to continue to enjoy his music.


Issacs in Film: A quintessential film of the social and economic struggles of Rastas during the 1970s in Jamaica, I love the scene where Isaacs confronts the ever relevant relationship between struggling Jamaicans and ungrateful tourists. His perfomance of "Slave Master" is also one of my favorites.

06 October 2010

Omega Divine's Picks: Word, Power, Sound.

This music runs through my veins, and these three groups are must haves in your collection of music. These men paved the way for many artists, from Garnett Silk to KRS-One to even Drake [yea, I said it]! 

   Rebel Music by omegadivine