08 November 2010

Kenyan Hip Hop: Real, Royal, and Revolutionary!

Music is universal, and for Africans, we use music as a form of communication to the rest of our brothers and sisters throughout the world. Kenyan Hip Hop is no different. Bringing Reggae and Hip Hop styles back to the origin, artists like Ukoo Flani Mau Mau and Nazizi have become international Blackstars with their music [spoken in a mixture of Kiswahili, local slang Sheng, and English]. You could easily believe that these videos were shot in totally different locations in the world, just change the language.

 What I find inspirational about these artists is also there strong sense of identity. Heavily influenced by the revolutionary history of Kenya, Pan-Africanism and Rastafari these artists are doing what many Africans worldwide are afraid to do, and that is continuing the legacy of our ancestors. Real, Royal,  and Revolutionary!


New Release by Nazizi!!!


African Urban Fashion Line created by Kenya's own Jeffery Kimathi

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A documentary by Michael Wanguhu about the influencial Hip Hop culture in Africa, specifically Kenya.

Learn more about the film Hip Hop Colony here!

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