05 February 2010

Life and Debt

by OmegaDivine
  • Release date: April 2001
  • Directed by: Stephanie Black
  • Narration Written by: Jamaica Kincaid
  • Music by: Mutabaruka
When thinking of underdevelopment most people think of sub-Saharan Africa and fail to realize that the connection between African people extends through more than religion and art. The economic disparities of African people throughout the world are due to many different factors, and the documentary Life and Debt focuses on how the International Monetary Fund turned a self-reliant independent nation upside-down.

Many people know Jamaica for its tourism industry and the beautiful arts and people, but little know of the hardships that exist on a day to day basis on the island. Life and Debt is a phenomenal film that tells the story of what people in all third world countries go through on a regular basis. With the beautiful use of music, personal interviews from Jamaicans and members of the international community, Life and Debt helps its audience to understand why the majority of Jamaicans, though so vibrant and historically important, are suffering under the vampire that is globalization...it also may explain why so many are willing to give up their lives on the island and immigrate to the U.S. and Europe.

For more info on the Film and Original Soundtrack: http://www.lifeanddebt.org/

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