01 February 2010

Nasio Fontaine: Conscious Contributions

Tribal Immunity Artist of the Week

By Omega Divine

Genres: Reggae [Conscious]
Origins: the Commonwealth of Dominica
Influences: Joseph Hill, Burning Spear, Jacob Miller, Bob Marley and Cadence musicians Chubby and the Midnight Groovers
Reggae Power [1994]
Wolf Catcher [1997]
Revolution [1999]
Living in the Positive [2003]
Universal Cry [2006]
Rise Up [2007]

Nasio Fontaine is one musician who is not given enough credit for his contributions to the World of Reggae music. A true talent and inspiration, Fontaine has recorded about six albums and uses his gift and strong faith as a form of resistance. His music definitely speaks for itself, and as a grassroots artist, he has a raw talent that is missing in a lot of contemporary artist's music. Many argue that Fontaine sometimes copies Bob Marley's unforgettable stage presence, but nonetheless he has proven critics wrong with his unique talents and socially conscious lyrics. We hope to see more from Nasio...

For more on Nasio check out his webpage @ www.nasioreggae.com

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