13 March 2010

South African: Unfulfilled Promises

Westerners enjoy the idea of South Africa as a racial utopia. This is obviously a complete lie! The people who fought for the ending of apartheid are still suffering, and leaders such as Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu have reaped the benefits of this international propaganda. Like in so many African nations throughout the world, those who really fought for the liberation of their people continue to be victims, and those who played the Europeans independence games continue to sip wine while their people starve. I completely understand why Winnie Nelson would have made a statement criticizing the leadership of Desmond Tutu and Nelson Mandela, because much of it is true. But of course the press loves to bring up the 14 year old informant tragedy to discredit Winnie's integrity, but we cannot forget what she has done for the BLACK  people of South Africa.

Also, many of those who fought [and many who did not fight] for the end of apartheid from the 'safety' of the US have taken it upon themselves to take advantage of Black South African affirmative action opportunities.  I am not saying that all of those African-Americans have the initiative to further exploit Blacks in South Africa, but some have outwardly proclaimed that they were capitalists and in South Africa to make money [see Blacks Without Borders link below], not to develop Black South Africa.

Nevertheless, apartheid never ended, it just took a new form, just as segregation took a new form in Capitalism. Many of us are just waiting for the Black youth of South Africa to officially begin their Liberation struggle, again... We salute them for waiting this long out of respect for Nelson Mandela, but it won't be too long before the world hears their freedom songs again.

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