06 March 2010

Beneath the Lion's Gaze

As a student it's hard to find the time to read the books that you actually want to read, but I definitely had to make time for this novel. Maaza Mengiste's new novel Beneath the Lion's Gaze will keep you at the edge of your seat and anticipating as you turn each page. She has done a beautiful job of engaging her audience through the poetry of her words.

The novel tells the fictitious story of a family torn apart by the Ethiopian revolution of 1974 and how a father, his two sons and their family deal with the tragedies unfolding with the new Ethiopia. This is Mengiste's first novel, and her raw talent puts tears in the eyes of her readers while putting many established writers to shame.

I can't wait for her next one!

Checkout Maaza Mengiste's webpage for more information.

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