21 March 2010

50 Year Anniversary of Sharpeville Massacre

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Today commemorates the 50th anniversary of South Africa's Sharpeville Massacre.  On that day 5,000 protesters collected at the Sharpeville police station to burn their apartheid pass books and offer themselves for arrest. The police then open-fired on the peaceful crowd made up mostly of women and children. 69 people were murdered and 180 were injured. Most were shot in the back.

The African protesters in the black township of Sharpeville, like many of their brothers and sisters in neighboring townships, were fighting against the racist system of apartheid in South Africa.
Those who died on that day died so that Black South Africans would be entitled the rights of human beings, so we must pose the question of whether the children of South Africa today are really free and continue to question our current definition of 'freedom'.

Nonetheless, we celebrate the sacrifice of these Africans, who sacrificed so that we may live and continue their struggle.

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