06 January 2013

New Creations in Store for 2013!

Those who support Tribal Immunity support my craft. Most of my pieces are pre-made clothing that I choose and revamp with a tribal touch :) This year, it is my mission to bring actual Tribal Immunity designed clothing to the people. That's right, I'm currently in the process of designing a collection of dresses. I want this new vision for Tribal Immunity to bring comfort and style to queens of all shapes and sizes. As I have struggled throughout my life to find clothing to fit my unique and beautiful body-type, I wanted those just like me to experience comfort in their size and shapes as well. Many designers cater to smaller sizes, making it difficult for women like myself who are considered "plus-sized" to find garments that fit. I hope to continue to celebrate African life through my painting, and now celebrate wombmanhood through more versatile clothing!

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