16 March 2011

Mandela's 46664 Fashion Label

The ideas of a fashion line in Nelson Mandela's honor have been in the works for years now and will soon become a reality to people in South Africa, the US, and the UK. The new fashion line that will be called 46664 Apparel, after the number Mr Mandela wore in jail. According to the Nelson Mandela Foundation profits will go to the 46664 charity and the label is intended to boost the clothing industry in South Africa. The clothes will include everyday wear items and couture outfits that are similar to Mandela's own personal style. The men and women's line is being designed by South Africa's biggest textile and clothing manufacturer, Seardel, and is to be launched in South Africa in August, with a shop in Johannesburg and eventually stores in the US and the UK next year.

For the past few years, people have been trying to preserve the legacy of the aging Nelson Mandela. While this is claimed to be an attempt to boost the South African economy, this seems like another attempt to overly glorify the first president of SA. One must also consider how this glorification has been used to coverup the reality of millions of Black South Africans, who continue to be persecuted in post-apartheid SA.

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