18 April 2010

30 Years of Independence: Zimbabwe

As Zimbabwe goes into its 30th year of Independence, there is a need to acknowledge the accomplishments of Zimbabwe under the rule of Robert Mugabe, but there are so many things that the country needs to deal with before celebration. The Zimbabwe has a rich history and the people of Zimbabwe have struggled for far too long. Robert Mugabe came into power 30 years ago and many are hoping that he will give up his powers. While Mugabe has sometimes made the wrong decisions for his people, we must always remember what sacrifices he has made for Blacks in this country. Many of his actions have caused sanctions and criticism from the West, but in order to understand the state of Zimbabwe today, we must remember all of the other African leaders who do nothing for their people, yet are best friends with the West and International Aid Organizations.

Nonetheless, we celebrate today for all of those Africans in [former Rhodesia] who sacrificed everything so that their children could live free from the colonial rule of Great Britain.  This day is just a reminder of what has been done, and what has to be done in Zimbabwe.

BBC Timeline: Zimbabwe
The Toyi-Toyi of Southern Africa


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