10 July 2009

Tribal Immunity Mission

Our goal at Tribal Immunity is to celebrate the Afrikan aesthetic by using art as means to connect Afrikans throughout the Diaspora. Founded in 2008 by Tamara Kae [Omega Divine], Tribal Immunity has been geared toward art as means for change.
The arts have been a reflection of the continuous change of Afrikan society. Tribal Immunity’s aim is to use aspects of Afrikan history, culture, economics and spirituality to challenge the thoughts and ideas of Afrikans throughout the world.
Our motto is “One Vision, One World, One Tribe” as a reminder that though we, as Afrikans, may be scattered throughout the world, our struggles are the similar, therefore our triumphs must be shared.
Tribal Immunity means to understand, respect and support struggles worldwide. It means to eliminate tribalism for the greater good of the Afrikan world. When you support Tribal Immunity, you support Afrikan unity.

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